January 10th 2019, 7pm

Bates College, ME

January 11th 2019, 7pm

Mettabee Farm, Hillsdale, NY

January 12th 2019, 7pm

Singing workshop at 3pm

Ricki Carroll’s House and Barn

Ashfield, MA

January 13th 2-4pm

Singing workshop

at Green Street Studios,

Cambridge, MA

Suggested donation $10-$30

January 13th 2019, 7pm

Club Passim

Cambridge, MA

Saturday March 23 2019, 8pm 

St John's Episcopal Church

Boston, MA

W/ Palaver Strings

Sunday March 24 2019, 8pm 

Portland, ME, TBD

W/ Palaver Strings

June 29th 2019, 8pm

Mayo Street Arts

Portland, ME

Past shows

Friday, August 17th, 7pm

APE Gallery

Northampton, MA

Saturday, August 18th, 7.30pm

Outdoor concert in Lafayette Square

Central Sq., Cambridge, MA

Sunday, August 19th 2018, 10am -2pm

Club Passim Brunch

Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA

June 5th 2018 

Club Passim, Cambridge, MA

February 21st 2018

Club Passim, Cambridge, MA

w/Long is the Walk and The Library Band